Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Friendly reminder:


So, I've had more than a few people message me privately or on various websites/boards I frequent, and everyone so far has told me they like the series so far, or that it's a really good read, or that they love certain characters and want to know more about them (but there is a small section that gets a bit run-on-ish), but none of them have actually left an official review on the site. What people might not realize if they're not on this side of it is that reviews are incredibly helpful. Way more helpful than I realized before I started publishing myself. They're right up there with the cover in terms of things people glance at when deciding in half a second whether or not to read something. If a reader sees that other people read and enjoyed it, they're more likely to give it a shot themselves; it's like hearing all your friends in person talk about how good a movie is that they saw. But if people don't see that anyone else's enjoyed it, they'll probably just move along to something that other people definitely have; they apparently call this "social proof", and it's something we all do. I can definitely say I've passed on a book or movie strictly because I'd never heard anything about it. You can probably picture, with ease, the leering, wary glare that I've cast at their titles.

I am flat-out overjoyed that everyone seems to be enjoying it so far (and I am thrilled/relieved like you wouldn't believe, trust me), and the best thing you can do if you want to see more is to leave a positive-but-honest review. :D Like I told someone on an associate's Patreon board, I'll keep writing these as long as people want to keep reading them. And singing their praises in an official review does way more for the series than telling only me directly (but oh, please, by all means, continue to do that as well).

By the way, don't be afraid to criticize it even if you like it, either. Having four stars certainly isn't going to hurt my feelings, and fair critiques will only help my writing to ever-improve. Plus, it also lets people know the review is genuine and let's them know what to expect.

Wrapping up: the second story (much longer than the first, to boot) is still being passed around for input before the final editing is to be done, and I've decided to probably throw a free short story into the back as a bonus rather than try to publish it as a whole other "book".

Keep reading, keep enjoying!

Monday, April 10, 2017

The Adventurers of Fortune, Volume I: Rescue Is Such a Strong Word

For the most part, this blog was intended as a place where readers could easily get into contact with me about my works. The Adventurers of Fortune is the series I'm mainly working on right now (with other stories perpetually all a-cobble in my brain, of course), the first novella of which was just published for Kindle. Tempted though I am to rant and ramble about it here, about the characters or my influences or what sort of vibe I'm going for, about how it's so clever and great and trust me, all the cool kids are reading it, why would I lie to you, I'm going to try to stay as spoiler-free as possible and let the work stand for itself (aside from the necessary blurb). That being said, I'd be happy to respond to any questions if you should feel so inclined.

You can check it out here. (Or above, you see.)

If you enjoy the story, the best thing you can do is to leave an honest review and say so. That helps tremendously when it comes to other people giving it a shot (plus, listen, it strokes my ego). If it's not your cup of tea, hey, to each their own, thanks for at least checking it out, and by all means feel free to review it anyway, tell me what you didn't enjoy.

The second story, for what it's worth, is in the editing stages as I write this. The third is cooling off, and the fourth is bubbling and brewing, and many of its chunks are already in the... oh, let's say cauldron, even though "still" is far more accurate.

Thanks for stoppin' by!